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Know the signs of possible sinkhole damage.  The drought followed by a
rainy season has brought the potential for cracks in foundations, walls
and driveways as well as sunken areas in the lawn.

  • Insurance companies may not act quickly enough to
    assess the extent of the damage and pay the claim.

  • Insurance company offers to pay for damage and repairs
    may be a lot less that what is needed to correctly fix the

  • Some insurance companies may not be renewing
    sinkhole coverage in certain zip code areas.

  • Speak with Atty. Schumacher personally about the
    possibility that sinkhole damage has occurred at your
    home and learn what your options are.  
Exterior signs:

cracks in driveway & foundations . . .
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Exterior signs:

stair pattern cracks in outside walls.
Interior signs:                            
cracks along ceiling where it meets
the wall, molding seams separating,
doors, windows and cabinets not closing
properly, sounds of popping noises . . . .
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